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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
YO HO HO..... Its That Time Again!

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Monday, December 15, 2014
Late Night Opening On 80M

During the last hour of the day just before bedtime I like to tune around the bands to see what stations I can hear coming in to my amateur radio station. The past couple of weeks most evenings have found the majority of the bands have been closed and the little bit of late night activity has been mainly on the lower bands such as 40m & 80m. On the lower bands late on I have worked and heard many US Hams coming in well up on 40 meters and I have heard one or two good ones coming in great on 80m at around midnight local time staying open throughout the night until I am back up early for work listening over breakfast.
Last night before I hit the sack I heard CU7MD at 11.50 utc on 3.790MHz who was up at 5/9 with very few takers responding to his CQ call.

I listened for while and decided to give Jose - CU7MD from Azores Islands a shout back where I was heard at his end with a matching 5/9 report. I was running my FT-1000MK V MP and Carolina Windom 80m antenna system which is only up at around 25ft above the ground. I was pleased with the Windom's performance as was I pleased with my YAESU radio which always serves me well. Later I looked Jose - CU7MD up on QRZ.com and was chuffed to find my callsign logged on Jose QRZ page in a log containing the last 10 stations to be worked by Jose
Hope to work some more late night wintery DX openings on 80m and 40m over the coming months before we head into spring. 73 Happy Ham'ing!

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Sunday, December 07, 2014
G4KQJ "King, Queen, Jack"

As I listened to the weekly GB2RS news broadcast I heard the sad news that Bill - G4KQJ had passed away last week at the age of 87 and a half after he had recently been poorly.
G4KQJ had read the RSGB news for over twenty five years and was always a 5/9+ signal up on 145.525MHz from his amateur radio news station GB2RS which was located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Bill known as King Queen Jack, was a first class amateur radio operator and a very good news reader who always had time for a rag chew before and after the RSGB news broadcast. Bill had a wealth of experience in many topics but the ones that I remember the most and had the many pleasures of discussing and listening about were of his many years of service in the Royal Air Force. Bill was originally from the south of England but fell in love with a northern girl from nearby Bradford, He settled up north and he became a respected fellow Yorkshireman. G4KQJ was a amateur radio friend who I spoke almost weekly with for over 10 years, we never actually met but I will miss hearing him on the air as will lots of other local radio amateurs. R.I.P Bill, our thoughts are with Bill's family and friends.
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Monday, December 01, 2014
The Return Of The FT-100

Since my YAESU FT-100 came back from the rig docs I have been itching to change it back over into my mobile station. The FT-100 had a technical issue a couple of years back which turned out to be a number of dry joints. I have had my FT-100 in service since 2004 /M and really like this particular radio, I prefer the FT-100 screen size over the FT-857 especially the signal meter which is much better on the FT-100 in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I have to say that the FT-857 is also a good mobile rig and has served me well as my spare whilst out and about in the DX Machine. But the FT-100 is my preferred radio of the two for every day mobile operation, so my FT-857 is better off back in the shack coupled to my Tri band vertical next to my other lovely YAESU Radios. In the DX Machine I have already been working stations loud and clear with the FT-100 earlier today during the work journeys on my favourite mobile band which is 20m. I will be back in the mobile and on 20m again in the morning at around 8.00 - 8.30 utc and then at around 17.00 utc homeward bound.

The weekend gave us all the opportunity to get outside in the great outdoors where I got to demonstrate my old YAESU FT-470 "handie" in action to my lovely daughters and faithful hound. We listened in to a qso on a local repeater hooked up to IRLP where two Hams from the US were coming through nicely. I should be out and about and active on the Air over the weekend again WX permitting.
It was also my lovely camera woman/YL Louise (M3TLL) birthday, so we had plenty of visitors, cake and fun.

 In the meantime the family are all sleeping and the clock is ticking, its shack time where my FT-1000MP is pulling in some nice signals from across the Atlantic up on 40m, it is time for me to have a play! 73 Happy Ham'ing
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Engineering and Electronics Class

ICE - Industrial Centre Of Excellence
One of the courses I am delivering at the College where I work comprises of Engineering and Electronics (ICE). The ICE students on this course are into their second year of having me as their tutor and so far they have developed skills in MIG, MMA and TIG Welding, Metal craft and Fabrication, Plasma arc cutting, Sheet metal and are currently focusing on Electronics. So far my students have built basic soldered circuits using boards, resistors, diodes, and LEDs, as well as Morse keys which work with buzzers. The students have also been learning about amateur radio and responded well to sending messages to each other in Morse on their home brew kits. Over the past few weeks they have come on very well with their soldering ability and have moved onto the final project which is a Digital FM receiver. The FM radio receivers are quite nice kits and it was very exciting when the first student to successfully complete the receiver had radio 1 coming in loud and clear earlier this morning.

Building A Multi Band Dipole
As I mentioned, I have been trying my best to promote amateur radio into the syllabus and have had a good response form the ICE students towards the hobby. In today's lesson the students finished assembling a home brew multi band dipole which had elements cut for 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m and the 2 meter band.

The students rigged the dipole up as a temporary installation about 2 meters above the ground, I had brought my antenna analyser allowing the students to check the elements were resonant on the dedicated bands, the rest was up to me. I hooked up my YAESU FT-817 which had been recently repaired with a new bnc socket fitted and two new PA finals, all courtesy of LAM Communications.
As soon as the little FT-817 was powered up we heard lots of stations coming in great up on 20 meters. We didn't have enough time to try all the bands so I concentrated on 20 meters and soon came across a Belgium  station calling CQ, I explained to my students that it would be unlikely that we would make the trip into Belgium using only 2 watts but I was determined to try and would have a good go! Amazingly I was heard on my first call /QRP and I was able to maintain a qso into Belgium for over 15 minutes using the antenna built by my students who were totally impressed by it all! I promised them I would take in my Cushcraft MA5B mini beam and a bit more power (FT-890) but that's only after they design and build a portable tilt over mast to support the antenna. Are target date for the completion of this project will be for National Science week March 2015 when we will hopefully be active on the bands from the college. 73
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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Update's To The 2E0HTS Ham Radio Main Site

I added another way of viewing my Ham Radio Main Site's Guest Book by creating a second book simply entitled "View The 2E0HTS Guest Book," both books can easily accessed and are pictured below. They are available for anyone including non Hams and can be found attached to the front page of my Ham Radio Main Site

Its early days but so far I have received a good response, Thank You! To all who have dropped by and left a comment and name. Don't forget to sign and say hello! Best 73 de Simon 2E0HTS.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Sad News

I just read the sad news that G4ILO Julian Moss has passed away after a long illness, I will always remember the banter and encouraging comments Julian always left for me on many of my blog posts. He will be truly missed by many and our thoughts are with his wife and family.
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Early Riser

Its half term at the College where I work so I am off for the week, my youngest daughter Martha has been wide awake since 6 am so I thought I might get up out of bed and show her some early morning DX. 20 meters was not open yet and 80 meters was closing down, however up on 40 meters things were happing and I worked W3DIY loud and clear 5/8.

I was running my FT-1000mp into my Hustler vertical and received a nice report from Rick who was booming in.
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