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Sunday, August 30, 2015
I have got myself a new radio buddy
I didn't quite get his call?
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Saturday, August 01, 2015
Schools Out For Summer!

I have been having a good summer break away from my workplace and we have been camping in the van, riding on steam engines buying and selling motorbikes and generally having lots of fun up at the holiday caravan/shack.

Camping in the DX machine on the East Coast at Runswick Bay.

Back in time on the worth valley steam railway

More holiday shack fun as well as getting on my FT100 Portable station from our hilltop retreat

And finally I sold a couple of my old motorcycles in order to purchase myself a new toy which is absolutely awesome to ride.

I still have a couple of weeks left before I have to think about going back to work. The DX machine is fuelled up with diesel, food and water as well as a few other creature comforts. The family are ready and willing to go wherever we fancy so listen out for M0YKS maybe at home, /Portable or /Mobile. 73

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Monday, June 22, 2015
A71A Qatar Amateur Radio Society Club Station

Once again conditions are favorable with some great DX to be made on 20m as I just smashed through a pile up with a 5/9+ signal into the station of The Qatar Amateur Radio Society A71A

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Early Morning Mobile into VK3TJK

A great start to the working week as I pulled into the college car park in QSO /m with VK3TJK 

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Sunday, June 21, 2015
Late Night Short Skip Into EU - 124 Ramsey Island

I had another look around the 20m band before bed and noticed that conditions were up for short skip and DX communication. I could hear MC0SHL quite well so I decided to give a call and worked into EU-124 Ramsey Island, located off the coast of Wales. Great Conditions at the moment, short and long skip signals are coming in very well!  Unfortunately time has run out and now it's bedtime. Good Night & 73.

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Amateur Radio Kids Day
I had a fantastic father's day today with my two lovely daughters and YL louise. I also got to enjoy my oldest daughter Elsie make her first radio contact using my call during Amateur Radio Kids Day

The video shows my daughter getting on Ham Radio for the first time during Kids Day. Just after the video she worked into Kaliningradsk her first ever qso with ham operator Valentin - R2FAF 5/9 +. Well done Elsie!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015
Keeping Me On My Toes!

I have been slightly preoccupied over the last few weeks with the dangerous duo pictured above, I am guilty of having too much fun as my girls run circles around me and as a result of light summer nights haven't managed to do any blogging. As you can see both of my lovely girls are coming on well and I cannot wait to get home from work to be with my family and have fun playing in the garden.
As for radio I have been enjoying operating both my mobile and home station under my recently upgraded call M0YKS. Both setups have been performing well and I have had some very nice DX contacts from my FT-857 mobile & FT1000mp base station.
Back in march 6 weeks after my licence upgrade (my birthday) my YL Louise M3TLL bought me a rather cool present which was a large A3 World map where you scratch off the map's surface to reveal the Country beneath. This was just what I needed as I have restarted working all of the Countries (DXCC) all over again as M0YKS.

The idea of scratching off the gold surface of the Country that I just worked has proved a hit with my oldest daughter who is happy when her daddy is on his radio getting new Countries to locate on the map and reveal exciting information and colours. I would recommend getting one even if you haven't got young extremely interested in everything you're doing children, which of course is priceless. The map is hanging in my shack and will be up for quite some time before I make a qso into all of the exciting DXCC awaiting me and all of the gold has been rubbed away and gone.
The buzz of working somewhere new into my log and map has once again made the hobby of ham radio fun and challenging. As an old friend once said "patient man ride donkey". So, I will get there in the end and now it's back to listening out for DX for me and very best 73 to all. It has been great to have caught up with you again, thank you very much for passing by ham radio operator blogspot !
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Saturday, May 09, 2015
Local Industrial Museum - Home to Radio Pioneer
As a radio amateur I was delighted to find some interesting radio equipment down at my local museum in Bradford. The Industrial Museum is packed out with fully working steam powered machines as well as some early motorcycles, cars, trams and steam engines. Everything you see has been made locally and are all in pristine condition, it sure is a sight to be seen. Another interesting exhibition is the one which I am sharing with you today as it is one of my favorite interests which is radio and DXing. I managed to find out that my neighbourhood is where a local radio pioneer first discovered how to DX. I am sure some of you will have previously heard of a radio expert called Appleton. Edward Victor Appleton helped establish the UK as a leading force in ionospheric research and was a local radio pioneer.

Edward Victor Appleton discovered that the ionosphere had a much more complex structure and he was able to work out how radio waves were reflected by of a number of different layers known to us all as The D, E, F1 and F2 layers. He carried out tests by using radio equipment on various frequencies at different times of the day where he discovered the effects of ionised layers bending the signal back to earth, just like we radio amateurs still do today when we are DXing.
Edward Victor Appleton found that the F – Layer (Appleton Layer) could reflect much shorter wavelengths that penetrated the lower e layer which allowed radio communications to travel great distances. A local radio DXer Legend!

Pictures of Appletons vintage radio equipment
So I will be carrying on the experiments and tests of the ionosphere just as they were back in the early days as I energise my radio equipment into the Bradford skies, just like the Great Radio Pioneer Edward Victor Appleton used to. h.i 73!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Late Night DX - Sable Island

I just got lucky as I tuned around the HF bands before bed I heard a faint signal calling CQ DX. I was listening carefully on 14.160MHz SSB and realised it was VA1AXC operating from Sable Island under the call CY0/VA1AXC.

 At first CY0/VA1AXC was coming in with a 5/1 signal at my end and I did not think I would be heard, I gave my call sign an airing and woe and behold I was heard first call 5/5 in Sable Island. As we exchanged information  CY0/VA1AXC came up to a nice 5/5 signal, I was running my FT1000MP, 100W into the Cobweb. As I am posting this I am still listening to CY0/VA1AXC who has a nice pile up going on and has decided to now work split frequency. I was very lucky to have been the first station he worked whilst it was nice and quiet, some good timing and not been afraid to try my PTT paid off well as there is only 6 people on Sable Island and I just worked one of them!. 73 GN!
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